About Us

We are a small charity formed in June 2010, dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of abandoned dogs in South Yorkshire. Our aim is prioritise saving dogs from the council pounds in Yorkshire and give them a 2nd chance of a happy life. 


Each year approximately 100,000 dogs are picked up from our streets.  If they are not microchipped or have any identification they are taken to the local pound.  From this moment the clock starts ticking....the dog only has 7 days before it is in danger of being destroyed. It is at this point the dog must rely on luck....is he in one of the pounds that humanely care for their dogs?  Will his owner find him in time? Or has he been unfortunate enough to be forgotten and forced to live his last few days unwanted and unloved?


It is at this point we try to rescue as many dogs as possible.  However, it is a sad fact that we can't save them all.  This is why we need help from volunteers and funding from the general public to ensure our work continues. 


Everyone involved with Willow Dog Rescue is a volunteer so no paid staff!  This means that 100% of donations or funds raised go directly to helping the dogs...guaranteed!

About the team!

  • The dog side of the charity is run by Julie, Sarah, Karlie & Nicola who have been a part of Willow since it began in 2010.  We are supported by our dedicated team of charity shop volunteers who we couldn't do without. We also rent our kennels from Barnsley Animal Rescue whose staff look after the dogs within the kennels alongside a group of volunteer foster carers who look after the dogs who cannot cope with kennel life.
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