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How much is the adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is £150 and all dogs will be microchipped, fully vaccinated, neutered, treated for flea's and worms and come with 4 weeks free insurance for dogs under 8yrs. Dogs older than 8yrs will have 4 weeks health cover provided by the charity.


What is the adoption process?

If you a see a dog on our 'Dogs Needing a Home' page, please complete the adoption form.  Dogs are matched to homes, therefore, if you are a suitable match, we will invite you to come and meet your potential new friend and spend time with them. If after the meeting you would like to offer the dog a home, then we will organise a homecheck where we come and ensure you have a fully secured garden and to answer any questions you may have.  All of our dogs go to their new homes on a minimum 2 week foster period to ensure you are completely happy and to help with any issues you may have along the way.  If, after the two weeks you're happy, then you can make the adoption official.  It is at this point the adoption fee is paid, paperwork signed and ownership of the dog transferred.


Do you rehome dogs to homes with children?

Yes but this does depend on the dog.  The majority of our dogs come from the stray kennels and we have no history about them.  Dogs are assessed and graded on their bahaviour.  Dogs that are too exitable or show any nervous or fearful behaviours will not be placed in a household with children.  Each dog on our dogs need a home page has its own profile and we will advise of the type of home that dog specifically requires.  We are unable to consider homes with children under the specifc age we have placed on that dogs profile.   Unfortunately the majority of rescue dogs have not had a great start in life and may come with some minor behaviour issues which can be overcome with a little training.  However, our main aim when placing a dog into a home with children is to not only ensure the safety of the child, but to also ensure the dogs welfare is taken into account.


Are the kennels open to view the dogs?

As our kennels are now located on private property our kennels are closed to the public.  If you are interested in any of our dogs, please complete the adoption form on our 'Dogs Needing a Home' page and we will get back to you to arrange for you to come and meet the dog if you are a suitable match.


Where do you rescue dogs from?

We work with local council pounds who accommodate the stray dogs found by members of the public or dog wardens.  The staff in the pounds that we work with are brilliant and will try thier hardest to reunite dogs with thier owners.  However, sometimes this is not possible for a variety of reasons.  Some dogs are still not microchipped despite it now being a legal requirement, some are dogs that have been abandond and some are simply lost and their microchip details are not up to date. The pounds we work with will try to find suitable homes once they have served thier legal 7 days.  We try to help ease the pressure by taking some of these dogs into our care to also rehome.  Our priorty is to rescue dogs from this situation as these are the ones most in need, as space at times can be limited.  However, if we have space then we will take in dogs from members of the public who are no longer able to care for their pet.     




Volunteering & Donations

Do you require volunteers?

If you would like to volunteer to work with the dogs, you would need to direct your enquiry to Barnsley Animal Rescue as we rent our kennels from them.  If you would like to volunteer at our charity shop, then please send us an email or drop us a message on social media and we will get back to you.


Do you accept donations of bedding & towels for the dogs?

Yes we do.  We are always in need of bedding and towels for the dogs.  However, we unfortunately cannot accept donations of pillows or duvets due to kennel hygiene reasons.  The dogs do like to rip out the stuffing which then sticks to the kennel floor and walls.  Donations of bedding and towels can be dropped at our charity shop Tuesday to Saturday between 10am and 1pm.  







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